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4 Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Hair Care

Healthy hair is the sign of optimum health. Everyone wishes for luxuriant, thick glossy hair as it seems to positively affect confidence, self-esteem and happiness as well.

Hair fall and premature greying can negatively affect confidence and can be a reason of stress and unhappiness. It is normal to lose around 80 hairs per day as it is a normal part of hair growth. But diffused thinning of hair and hair loss can be a cause of concern. But, if we follow some ancient Ayurvedic wisdom of simple hair care tips, we might just overcome this problem.

Ayurveda mention these simple hair care tips which help with healthy hair and improve hair growth

1.Massage of scalp:

It is essential to massage scalp and hair with lukewarm coconut, almond or sesame oil 2-3 times per week.

The correct way of massage is to just dip the fingers in a bowl of oil and in gentle, circular motion apply over the entire scalp. Apply a little oil to hair strands as well. Let it stay for 2 hours to help you relax and also nourish the hair roots. The proteins in oil help strengthen the hair shaft and hair roots both. Head massage also improves blood circulation to the scalp, reduces dryness of scalp and helps improve hair growth. moha;5 in 1 hair oil with goodness of coconut, almond and sesame oil is also useful to help prevent hair loss.

2.Application of oil to the nose (Nasya)

Simple application of 2 drops of sesame oil or cow ghee helps prevent dandruff and improve hair growth. Nasya helps hair growth.

3.Head bath:

Texts in Ayurveda mention that the head and hair should not be washed with very hot water or with very cold water. Pouring warm water overhead reduces the strength of hair & eyes. Room temperature or lukewarm water is helpful. Hair can be washed three times in a week. Herbs like shikakai, reetha can also be used to wash hair to improve hair growth. Mild herbal soaps or shampoos like moha; herbal shampoo are better for regular hair wash.

4.Protecting head and hair:

Ayurveda recommends covering head with cloth or umbrella to protect the hair from wind, heat dust and environmental pollution and prevent hair damage, improving hair health.

Things to avoid to improve hair growth:

Excessive use of salt and alkali food items like radish, cold drinks etc

Daytime sleeping and keeping awake at night

Harsh Chemical, heating treatment to hair, for cosmetic purpose should be avoided or minimally used.

Stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Remember to eat your nuts and seeds like Almond, sesame seeds, walnuts etc to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Sleep well. Meditate to reduce stress. Learn to stay positive and happy and with these changes see your hair health improve for sure. moha herbal hair care products from the house of Charak Pharma, with over 70 years of ayurvedic expertise, like moha;5 in 1 hair oil, moha; herbal shampoo, moha herbal conditioner all infused with goodness of ayurvedic herbs also help to improve hair and scalp health naturally.

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