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Kofol Roll On

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Quick relief from headache & nasal congestion
10 ml

  • Effective in just one application
  • Infused with 5 powerful essential oils
  • Gives quick relief in headaches
  • Relieves nasal & chest congestion
  • Promotes easy breathing
  • Non sticky & Non greasy formula
  • Convenient to carry
Country of Origin: India
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1 review for Kofol Roll On

  1. Rajesh

    Good one…got relief in 2-3 uses from headache

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Does Kofol Roll-On offer quick relief from headaches?

Yes, Kofol roll on is infused with Menthol, Karpur and Lemon grass oils which are excellent decongestants to reduce headache quickly.

Can Kofol Roll-On give relief in nasal congestion?

Yes, kofol roll on is infused with oils like menthol and camphor which, when applied helps reduce nasal congestion.

Is Kofol Roll-On suitable for those with sensitive skin?

People with sensitive skin should always apply the product behind the ears to check for suitability and then use.

Does Kofol Roll-On offer relief from muscle pain too?

Yes, Kofol Roll-On has Wintergreen and Capsaicin oils which are excellent muscle pain relievers and can be used for neck and back pain too.

How many times should I apply Kofol Roll-On to get relief from headaches?

You may apply as many times to relieve headaches.

Will I get a burning sensation or skin redness after application?

Sensitive skin can react to essential oils which work as counter irritants to reduce pain and may cause redness.

Does Kofol Roll-On have any side effects?

Kofol Roll-On is an all-natural ayurvedic product free from harmful chemicals like parabens and phthalates and has zero side effects.

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