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Kofol Ayurvedic Sip – Instant Kadha

100.00 Inc. of all Taxes

        • Sugar-Free Instant Kadha
        • Fortified with proven ayurvedic herbs
        • Gives quick relief from cough, cold & sore throat
        • Helps fight seasonal viral flu
        • Boosts immunity & improves metabolism
        • Pleasant in taste & easy to use
Country of Origin: India


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Is Kofol ayurvedic sip sugar-free?

Yes,Kofol ayurvedic sip is a herbal combination and it is sugar-free.

Can Kofol ayurvedic sip be consumed by kids?

Yes, Kofol ayurvedic sip is recommended in children above 6yrs of age. It is safe and effective for children.

Can I drink Kofol ayurvedic sip daily?

Yes, it can be taken once daily for better throat care.

Is there any dosage of Kofol ayurvedic sip?

1 sachet of Kofol ayurvedic sip can be stirred in a cup of warm water/tea/milk and consumed 3-4 times a day in cough and sore throat

Can Kofol ayurvedic sip be a substitute for herbal tea?

Yes, Kofol ayurvedic sip can be a substitute for herbal tea.

What is the effect of Kofol ayurvedic sip on digestion?

Kofol ayurvedic sip has ingredients like ginger, yashtimadhu, and black pepper which are stomach-friendly and known to improve digestion.

Can I mix Kofol ayurvedic sip with my tea & milk?

Yes, you can add Kofol ayurvedic sip to your tea or warm milk.

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