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    • GO365 Spray

      245.00183.00Inc. of all Taxes

      • Fast acting & deep penetration action for quick relief in both joint & muscular pain
      • Made with 100% ayurvedic actives – Zero side effects
      • Helps stimulate circulation & relax sore muscles
      • Effective & non-greasy formulation
      • Portable & easy to use anywhere anytime

      Special Offers –
      Get 40% off on Pack of 3 – Rs.159 /- per pack
      Get 30% off on Pack of 2 – Rs.172/- per pack
      Get 25% off on Pack of 1 – Rs.184 /- per pack

    • Dipya Syrup – Ayurvedic Digestive Care

      105.0074.00Inc. of all Taxes

      • Dipya Syrup Ayurvedic digestive care for complete family
      • Enriched with 19 powerful herbs to improve digestion by stimulating enzymes
      • Provides quick relief from gas , bloating and post meal heaviness
      • Controls acid reflux & relives hyperacidity

      Special Offers –
      Get 35% off on Pack of 3 – Rs.68 /- per bottle
      Get 33% off on Pack of 2 – Rs.71/- per bottle
      Get 30% off on Pack of 1 – Rs.74 /- per bottle

    • Kofol Range Kit

      321.00 ( 40% OFF ) Inc. of all Taxes
      • Safeguard your family from viral infection, flu, cough & cold, throat discomfort along with boosting immunity too with Kofol Range Kit
      • Kofol Immunity tablets strengthen body’s defense system against cold-cough and seasonal viral infections
      • Kofol Syrup provides relief in both wet & dry cough
      • Kofol Gargle is beneficial in sore throat & gives fast relief from throat discomfort
      • Kofol Chewable Tablets provide relieve from cough & sore throat
      • Kofol Run
      • Kofol Range kit consists of
        • Kofol Immunity Tablets (60 tablets) – 1 unit
        • Kofol Gargle 100ml – 1unit
        • Kofol Chewable Tablets (60 tablets) – 2 units
        • Kofol Rub 20.5 gm – 1 unit
    • Rose and Almond Soap

      70.00Inc. of all Taxes

      Indulge your senses and rejuvenate your skin with luxurious moha: Rose and Almond Soap for soft, nourished and youthful skin.

      Enriched with exotic Rose Oil and nutritive Almond Oil, it retains skin moisture revealing nourished, soft and glowing skin. Anti-oxidant-rich Pomegranate promotes cell renewal and keeps skin young and firm, while Vitamin E enriched Wheatgerm Oil protects from environmental damages and reduces skin dryness, inflammations, dark spots and scars.

      moha: Rose and Almond Soap is Grade -1 soap with TFM 76% which makes it a moisturizing bathing bar for the complete family and takes care of skin ageing, dullness and dryness.

      Regular soaps strip away skin’s natural moisture but moha: Rose and Almond Soap maintains skin integrity and results in wonderfully soft, nourished and youthful skin.

    • GO365 Joint Care Kit

      506.00379.50Inc. of all Taxes
      • GO365 Joint Care Kit is a twin combination of Nutra Tablets and Ointment to improve joint health & mobility.
      • GO365 Nutra Tablet is a combination of Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic healing herbs and essential vitamins and minerals. The tablets give your joints the freedom to function without any pain by maintaining cartilage health and reducing the chronic joint pain and stiffness.
      • GO365 Ointment is a combination of powerful Ayurvedic herbs with excellent pain-relieving properties. It penetrates quickly and stimulates circulation, thereby helping relax tensed muscles. Its active ingredients re-oxygenate the painful tissues and act swiftly to relieve you of pain.
      • Kit contains –
        GO365 Nutra tablet ( Pack of 30 tablets) and GO365 Ointment ( Tube of 30 gms)

      Special Offers –
      Get 40% off on Kit of 3 – Rs.380 /- per kit
      Get 30% off on Kit of 2 – Rs.354/- per kit
      Get 25% off on Kit of 1 – Rs.304 /- per kit

    • GO365 Nutra Tablet

      431.00323.00Inc. of all Taxes

      Special Offers –
      Get 40% off on Pack of 3 – Rs.258 /- per pack
      Get 30% off on Pack of 2 – Rs.301/- per pack
      Get 25% off on Pack of 1 – Rs.323 /- per pack

      • GO365 Nutra is a Nutraceutical supplement that helps to keep your joints and cartilages healthy.
      • It is a powerful combination of nutritional supplements like Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin Sulfate as well as Ayurvedic herbs like Turmeric & Boswellia, along with essential Vitamins & Minerals for complete joint care.
      • It helps reduce inflammation and prevent cartilage degradation, is helpful in reducing chronic joint pain, stiffness, and swelling.
      • Dosage – Take 1 tablet thrice a day. Once the pain is reduced, continue with 1 tablet daily.
      • “For better result use GO365 ointment along with GO365 Nutra tablet.”
      • Continued intake for 3-6 months is recommended.


    • KOFOL Immunity Tablets

      175.00Inc. of all Taxes

      Clinically Tested Ayurvedic Immunity Booster

      • Clinically tested & proven effective on 10 vital parameters of immunity
      • Improves immune response by 3X*
      • Helps build respiratory health by 6X*
      • Made with 100% ayurvedic actives – Zero side effects
      • Powerful formula with proven immune boosting herbs like Giloy/Guduchi, Haldi, Shunti, Pippali & more
      • Strengthens body’s defense system against cold-cough and seasonal viral infections
      • Promotes faster recovery from infections
      • Suitable for complete family – Children & Elders

      *  Based on an exploratory pilot study done on healthy volunteers at IRSHA, Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Pune

    • Kofol Syrup

      82.00Inc. of all Taxes
      • Beneficial in wet as well as dry cough
      • Helps relieve sore throat
      • Provides relief from cough of varied causes
    • GO365 Ointment

      75.0060.00Inc. of all Taxes
      • GO365 Ointment is a powerful Ayurvedic ointment which helps to reduce joints pains and muscular pains.
      • It helps reduce – Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Sprains, Joint Pain (Arthralgia), Arthritis, Tendinitis, Muscular Cramps.
      • Easily absorbed when gently rubbed over the skin and stimulates circulation and helps relax stiff muscles.
      • Its herbal ingredients like Capsicum oil, Camphor & Mint extract have anti-inflammatory properties; oils of Wintergreen & Eucalyptus help reduce joint swelling & pain and Deodar Oil & Nirgundi reduce pain and stiffness.

      Special Offers –
      Get 30% off on Pack of 3 – Rs.52 /- per pack
      Get 25% off on Pack of 2 – Rs.56 /- per pack
      Get 20% off on Pack of 1 – Rs.60 /- per pack

    • Sulfate-Free Herbal Shampoo

      220.00Inc. of all Taxes

      moha: Sulfate-Free Herbal Shampoo retains your hair colour and shine upto 50-washes!

      It is CLINICALLY TESTED & PROVEN as per invitro-study done on coloured hair, with Claims Labs accredited by the BIS for ISO 9001:2015.

      Enriched with extra Keratin and goodness of proven herbs like Green Tea, Argan, Sunflower etc. moha: Sulfate-free Herbal Shampoo is highly beneficial for Gentle Cleansing & Hair-Fall Control.

      • Gently cleans the scalp and hair
      • Protects hair color and enhances shine, with every wash
      • Nourishes each hair fiber to make it smooth and manageable
      • Anti-oxidant rich formula control hair-fall and promotes growth

      Family Pack: Sulfate-Free Shampoo 200ml & Hair Serum 100ml

      Individual Pack: Sulfate-Free Shampoo 100ml & Hair Serum 30ml

    • Kofol Cough Care Kit

      218.00 ( 30% OFF ) Inc. of all Taxes
      1. Kofol Chewable Tablets pack of 60 tablets (1 Unit): Soothing & effective relief from sore throat
      2. Kofol Syrup 100ml (1 Unit): Beneficial in productive as well as dry cough, Provides relief from cough of varied causes
      3. Kofol Gargle 100ml (1 Unit): Beneficial in sore throat, Fast relief from throat discomfort
      4. Kofol Rub Bottle of 20.5 gm (1 Unit): A natural remedy to relieve cough
    • Kofol Gargle

      126.00 Inc. of all Taxes


      • Beneficial in sore throat
      • Fast relief from throat discomfort
      • Provides cooling and soothing effect
      • No bitter aftertaste

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