Gumcare Gel

Gum Care Gel - Natural relief for healthy gums. Enriched with herbal extracts, this soothing gel provides gentle care for sensitive gums and gingivitis, promoting vitality and maintaining oral well-being.
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Vedistry Gumcare gel is specially formulated to support good oral health. It contains Standardized extracts of Babul, Neem, Bakul, Karpur, Lavang, etc. which are known and proven to reduce Gum inflammation, plaque formation, and bad breath.


Vedistry Gumcare Gel is an excellent Ayurvedic formulation which provides relief from symptoms of Gingivitis like

•       Redness of Gums

•       Inflammation of Gums

•       Bleeding gums


Along with this it also

•       Strengthens Gums

•       Cleanse teeth

•       Fights plaque formation

•       Prevents cavities

•       Eliminates Bad breath


How to use-


Take a sufficient amount of Vedistry Gumcare gel on a soft toothbrush & and gently massage onto gums & and teeth for 2-3 minutes twice daily


Key Ingredients-


·       Babul helps strengthen gums and prevent tooth decay.

·       Bakul aids in relieving toothache and gum problems.

·       Neem has natural antibacterial properties that promote oral health.

·       Karpur can be used for freshening breath and reducing oral bacteria.

·       Lavang has analgesic properties and is effective in alleviating toothaches and gum pain.


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