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GO365 Spray

Ayurvedic Formulation with Deep Penetration Action for Quick Relief in Joint & Muscular Pain
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  • GO365 Spray is an Ayurvedic joint pain relief Spray which helps to reduce joint pains and muscular pains.

  • It is best joint pain relief spray that helps relieve Sprains, Tendinitis, Muscle Cramps, Back Pain, Neck & Shoulder Pain.

  • GO365 Spray ayurvedic joint pain relief spray provides warmth to joints and muscles for pain-free functioning.

  • It is best joint pain relief spray which gets absorbed quickly and stimulates circulation, relaxes stiff joints and muscles.

  • GO365 Spray ayurvedic joint pain relief spray infused with camphor, menthol, Eucalyptus oil, Tarpin oil that penetrates skin faster and eases pain.

  • Go365 spray is a fast-acting and long-lasting best joint pain relief spray to reduce stiffness and swelling promptly.


  • Stimulate blood circulation to help relax sore muscles.
  • Provides soothing action to inflamed joints & improves mobility.
  • Helps relieve strain, sprain & improve muscle tone.
  • Fast-acting & long-lasting pain relief.
  • Portable & easy to use anywhere anytime.
  • Effective & non-greasy formulation.

How to Use: Just spray once or twice on the skin of affected muscles and joints. No need to rub, no need spread. For best results apply twice/thrice daily on affected muscles and joints.


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