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GO365 Ointment - Pack of 3

GO365 Ointment

Ayurvedic Ointment for Long Lasting Pain Relief & Healthy Joints
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  • GO365 Ointment is a Ayurvedic joint pain relief ointment which helps to reduce joint pains and muscular pains.

  • GO365 joint pain ointment is easily absorbed when gently rubbed over the skin and helps relax stiff muscles.

  • This joint pain relief ointment is blend of herbal ingredients like mint, capsicum oil, camphor to reduce joint and muscle stiffness and swelling.

  • GO365 is best ointment for joint pain as it helps in quick pain relief.

  • This joint pain relief ointment provides relaxation to tired, stiff joints and muscles for pain-free functioning.


  • Helps provide relief from joint pain, back pain.

  • Helps provide relief from sprains, muscle pain.

  • Helps provide warmth to the joint.

  • Helps improve joint flexibility

GO365 Ointment is:

  • Fast-acting & long-lasting.

  • Portable & easy to use.

How to Use:
Apply sufficient quantity of ointment over skin of affected area and gently rub over it. For best results apply twice daily on affected muscles and joints.


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