Skin Infections in Monsoon

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Skin is the most exposed part of our body. With changing seasons, the skin has to undergo a lot of damage by heat, dryness, humidity, etc. In the rainy season, there is a rise in humidity levels causing the sweat and moisture to mix and attract germs, dirt and pollutes.

This gives rise to a lot of skin problems like rash, fungal infections, ringworms, etc. Pooled water is full of germs and microbes which serve as a good host of infections and allergies to the skin. The infections can also spread to others by direct contact or by sharing stuff. Scabies, Ringworm, folliculitis, eczema, and athlete’s foot are some of the commonly found skin infections during monsoon. The sooner you know you are having one, the better. Don’t ignore symptoms like


  • Excessive Itching in any part of the body


  • Persistent rash


  • Blisters or boils on the skin


  • Reddish discoloration on any part of the body


  • Skin tenderness and pain


If you find any of these symptoms persisting for more than a week, kindly consult your doctor for further treatment. But prevention is always better than cure. Ways to avoid skin infections


  • Wash your hands and feet thoroughly every time you return home


  • Use herbal antiseptic soap or hand wash to clean your hands and feet


  • Avoid walking in accumulated water


  • Don’t let wet clothes remain on your body for a long


  • time


  • Prefer carrying and extra pair of clothes at your workplace


  • Prefer using open footwear which is airy and avoid synthetic, non-breathable footwear


  • Change wet socks and clean your feet after you walk in through pooled water


  • Bath twice a day


  • The skin between the folds especially your underarms, groins, and toes should be kept clean and dry


  • Having a healthy diet is also important to avoid skin infections. Avoid eating unhygienic outside food


  • Excessive washing might take away the needed moisture sometimes, so use a moisturizer after you wash your hands and feet


Skincare Routine in Monsoon


Bathing with herbal soaps and shower gels is helpful in monsoon. Use herbal facewash to wash your face twice a day to remove dirt and grime. Foot care creams with herbal ingredients must be used every time after your wash and clean your feet. They fight infections and also serve as natural moisturizers.

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It is equally important to take care of nails and the cuticle during monsoon. Nail care creams should be applied every night to keep nails healthy and hydrated. moha: Foot Care Cream and nail care cream are a must to have in your monsoon skincare kit. Infused with natural ingredients, these products will nourish, hydrate and protect your skin from harmful microbes. The goodness of Aloe, flaxseed oil, papaya & peppermint oil in these products, not only nourishes your skin but also enhances your skin’s immune system and protects it from infections.

Embrace moha: for a happy and healthy monsoon for skin, hair and body.