Sexual Happiness in the Age of Erectile Drugs and Gadgets

In the age of drugs and gadgets can there be any happiness without two people loving each other?

Our sages since time immemorial have stressed on SEXUAL HAPPINESS – both emotional and physical. The Bhagwad Purana says “There are but two currents in the ocean of LOVE, the male and the female and all life and joy is in the union of these currents”.

Vatsayana of KAMA SUTRA FAME in the 2nd Century BC has suggested many ways to stimulate sexual desire and avoid impotency.

He informs on 7 different ways of kissing, 8 varieties of touch, 4 methods of STRIKING the body with hands, 8 sounds that may be emitted while doing so.

Undoubtedly Viagra is the first to involve the partner and make her part of the therapy. “With Viagra there is no automatic erection. For an erection to occur it requires the connection between male and female. There has to be mental stimulation, tactile stimulation and foreplay engagement”.

The macho image of the male continues to live with us and many people behave as if their brains are located at the tip of their penis’s. One failure at sexual intercourse a very occasional refusal of the penis to erect may wrongly land them in using Sildenafil. Some get addicted to it and cannot get an erection without it.

Life style drives many to membership of impotency club

(a) Overeating and fat.

(b) overdrinking of alcohol.

(c) smoking or other substance abuse.

(d) burning the candle at both ends.

(e) guilt on an extra marital relationship.

(f) pressure to perform with extra marital partner.

(g) overwork, anxiety and tension.

(h) lack of exercise.

Conflicts over sexuality can result in depression, anxiety and alcoholism. Depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse leads to reduced sex drive and inadequate functioning. The physicians while correcting the underlined problems may try to restore low self image with medication, including Sildenafil.

When the body revolts erectile dysfunction i.e., impotency may be the early signs of an illness. Diabetes is often discovered when a person complains of  “sexual weakness” so also hypertension, vascular and cardiac disorders.