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Use code "vedistry25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Never Skip Sunscreen- Here's Why You Should Use Sunscreen Even During Winter

We all associate sun tanning and sun damage with summers! How wrong is that assumption?. Sunrays light up the planet daily in every season, even in monsoon, though hidden by the clouds. Winters are cold and dry and we long for some sunshine. But as we step out for some warmth from the sun, remember to protect yourself from the sun

Do you really need sunscreens in winter?

Sunrays have ultraviolet or the UV rays which are known to damage skin and prolonged sun damage can lead to pigmentation, tanning, sunburns and even cancers. UVA and UVB rays penetrate the skin and damage the upper and deeper layer of the skin causing photo aging leading to fine lines and wrinkles. If you love your skin and are looking to stay young and glowing find yourself a sunscreen and use it daily.

Ways to protect from the sun in winters:

Dress up: We really layer up in winters to feel warm and cozy and this is a great protection from the sun. Covering up skin with clothes is the simplest way of sun protection.

Accessorize: As you step out, do not forget your sunglasses for protecting your eyes. During the day time wear a hat too. You can look sassy and prevent fine lines and wrinkles by wearing these protective gears

Use Sunscreen — daily!

For better skin health do not forget your sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen every day, year-round is a must! Wear it as you step outside and also if you are at home. Sun can penetrate the glasses and the walls. So repeat after me, wear sunscreen daily and reapply every 4 hours. Never under estimate the power of a good, clean and herbal sunscreen. Indian climate calls for a SPF or sun protective factor of 30 – 50.

moha: herbal sunscreen lotion from the house of Charak offers sun protection in a natural way with its magical combination of ingredients making it the best herbal sunscreen lotion for your tender skin. This Herbal sunscreen lotion comprised of Aloe, Sunflower oil, Rice bran oil, Wheat germ oil and Argan oil make it a good sunscreen for sun blocking and skin care as well. It provides protection from the sun and prevents sunburn related inflammation. A natural sunscreen to revitalize and protect your skin from harmful UVA & UVB rays

Sun Protection Factor is the measurement of, how well can a sunscreen lotion protect your skin from harmful UVB rays. moha; herbal sunscreen lotion comes with SPF 50 which is the best sunscreen lotion for women to protect your skin from any kind of sun damage. Go natural all year round and protect your sun from ravages of the sun.

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