Monsoon Skin Care Routine for Glowing and Flawless Skin

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After the scorching heat of the sun in the summer, monsoon is something we all long for. But before you enjoy the rains make sure you have your strategy to deal with the monsoon-related skin problems. In the rainy season, there is a rise in humidity levels causing the sweat and moisture to mix and attract germs, dirt and pollutes.

This gives rise to a lot of skin problems and hence a proper skin care routine is much needed. Considering the harmful effects of synthetics on the skin, natural products for skin care are advised to be used.


How To Take Care of Your Skin


  • Wash your hands and feet thoroughly every time you return home


  • Use herbal antiseptic soap or hand wash to clean your hands and feet. Wash your face with a herbal face wash


  • Don’t let wet clothes remain on your body for a long time


  • Prefer carrying an extra pair of clothes at your workplace


  • Prefer using open footwear which is airy and avoid synthetic, non-breathable footwear


  • Change wet socks and clean your feet after you walk in through pooled water


  • Bath twice a day with herbal soaps or shower gels


  • The skin between the folds especially your underarms, groins, and toes should be kept clean and dry


  • Excessive washing might take away the needed moisture, so use an herbal skin lotion after you wash your hands and feet.


Watch out for Infections


A host of harmful organisms and germs are waiting to attack your skin in the monsoon. Due to excessive dampness, the skin gets easily affected by microbes. Any such affliction may land you in many skin-related disorders. So follow good hygiene and don’t ignore any skin-related problem.

The use of natural products for the skin not only takes good care and nourishes your skin but also helps you fight harmful microorganisms.


Skin Care Routine in Monsoon


  • Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be a daily routine for your facial skin


  • It is very important to use sunscreen even in monsoon


  • Use herbal facewash to wash your face twice a day to remove dirt and grime


  • Massaging your body skin with herbal oils is very nourishing and relaxing in monsoons. So massage regularly with oils.


  • Herbal skin lotion should be applied daily at night to moisturize the skin and maintain its luster.


moha’s rejuvenating massage oil and Vedistry moisturizing lotion are a must-have in your monsoon skincare routine. A blend of natural ingredients in both these products will nourish, hydrate and protect your skin from harmful microbes. Get the benefits of Aloe, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Evening Primrose in these soothing natural products for skin care.

Enjoy this monsoon with a flawless skincare routine from moha