Hair Mask v/s Hair Conditioner

hair mask vs hair conditioner


Hair mask or hair conditioner? Which one to use?? This a very common dilemma we often come across. Moreover a vivid range of hair care products available these days further complicates this scenario. 

Although lifeless, hair is a very important part of our body and maintaining its health is necessary. It requires a comprehensive approach when we talk about selecting the right product for having healthy hair. Lots of hair care tips and options are available in the market these days, provided you understand your hair and select the product that suits you best. 

Hair masks and hair conditioners both have very different benefits but both are very important for your hair. Inner beauty always complements the outer one and vice versa. Mask and conditioner also work in synergy and hence choosing just one of the two might not sound like a perfect hair care tip.

Let us understand the difference between the two for a perfect hair care 


What is a Hair Mask 


Hair masks nourish the roots and improve the volume of hair. It restores and repairs the hair from within and stimulates the follicle. They perform the dual function of strengthening the hair and conditioning as well. Hair masks are penetrating; they reach the follicles and impart healthy hair. 

Hair masks should ideally be applied before having hair washed on dry hair, uniformly on the scalp from hair root to tip. It should be left for 20-30 minutes so it can get absorbed and nourish your hair inside out. You can use a readymade hair mask or make one of your own. 


How does hair conditioner work


Conditioner conditions the hair and improves its shine and luster of hair. They are meant to make hair smooth, especially after a hair wash to ease combing and brushing. Conditioner acts on the surface of hair; thereby removing the pollutants and dirt from hair making them silky and manageable. They smoothen the scales and protect hair from damage. 

Conditioners should be applied immediately after hair wash. They work quickly in 3-5 minutes and can be rinsed immediately. They help to regain the moisture lost while shampooing hair.

Conditioners are only meant to be applied on hair strands and not on the scalp.


Comparing the Two


A hair mask can be considered a hair treatment for the complete nourishment of your hair. They can take care of any scalp afflictions. But considering our hectic schedules, something more feasible is desired. 

Conditioners are easy to apply compared to masks and hence can be used after every hair wash. They are handy and easy to apply. A hair mask on the other hand can be used once a week as it takes time to show its action.


Hair Care Tip


Conditioners being easily available are readily used compared to masks. However, the use of harmful chemicals and silicones in conditioners may affect your health over the long run. The use of natural herbal conditioners is hence recommended. moha’s herbal hair conditioner is the perfect solution to this problem.

A natural blend of aloe, almond oil and jojoba oil to condition and nourish your hair at the same time. You can make a hair mask of your own with natural ingredients and use it once a week. Thus a combination of both would certainly make you have healthy hair and solve your hair problems make your hair care routine with Vedistry herbal hair conditioner and a hair mask to get silky manageable hair and indeed stronger within.