Easy Tips to Protect Your Skin and Hair this Holi

The beginning of spring is a joyous occasion and what better way to celebrate it than Holi, the festival of colours? Unfortunately, Holi colors may harm your skin and hair. So, if you are planning to play Holi with powdered colors and colored water outdoors, make sure that your hair and skin are well protected from damage before you head out to play. How do you do that?

Here are the best and simple tips to help you protect your skin and hair from damage this Holi.

Holi Skincare Tips

We all love this vibrant festival of colors, but they may harm the skin as most colors available in the market have synthetic elements.

rejuvenating massage oil


Oiling also helps with the easy removal of colors. Using a good herbal moisturizer also works well.

But worry not!! Oil is your skin's savior. Apply a generous amount of oil to your skin. Coconut oil, sesame oil and almond oil, all are beneficial. They form a protective barrier and prevent the absorption of toxic elements present in Holi color.

Use sunscreen as well since we might end up being in the sun for hours which can cause tanning. 

Wear clothes that cover your hands and legs so that colors do not directly touch your skin.

How to Remove Color Post-Holi?


Use homemade scrubs or ubatan to clean up colors. Use besan with honey and curd and to gently clean and remove colors from the skin. Even a scrub made of oats; flaxseed powder and water help remove the colors and make the skin soft and supple. Apply aloe gel to soothe your skin 


Tips For Eyes:


Holi colors can hurt your eyes. Wear protective eyewear to prevent colors from entering your eyes. Frequently wash your eyes with water to keep your eyes clean. 


How to Take Care of Eyes Post-Holi?


1. Gent Cleansing: Start by washing your face gently with cold water. Avoid vigorously scrubbing your face as this could cause irritation. To remove color traces from the skin around your eyes, use a mild cleanser.

2. Flush Eyes with Cold Water: Do not rub your eyes if you see color in them. Splash cold water repeatedly into your eyes. If irritation persists, consult an eye specialist.

3. Eye Drops: Lubricating drops can relieve dryness and irritation from colors. Consult your doctor prior to using any eye drops.

4. Do Not Rub Your Eyes: Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes as color particles could cause irritation.

5. Cold Compress: Applying an ice compress to closed eyes will help to reduce inflammation and ease any discomfort.

6. Stay Hydrated Drink lots of water to promote eye health.

7. Protective eyewear: Wear sunglasses with UV protection whenever you go outside, including after Holi. It will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays as well as any color particles that may remain.

8. Healthy diet: Eat foods high in antioxidants, vitamins C and E as well as vitamin A. These nutrients promote eye health and help with recovery.


Tips for Hair Care:




Oil your hair and scalp a few hours before playing with coconut oil or almond oil as it will not just nourish but also protect your scalp from the harmful effects of toxic colors. Also, oil your hair strands from root to tip as it will protect your hair from water, sun exposure and dryness caused by colors. Don’t forget to tie your hair up into a bun or a simple braid.


How to Clean Hair Post Holi?


herbal shampoo


Use a gentle shampoo to rinse out all colors. Condition with a an herbal conditioner to keep hair soft and smooth. 

Applying a pack of buttermilk, neem and tulsi powder along with aloe gel also helps to condition hair. Let it rest for 30 minutes and wash it off with tap water. Enjoy healthy shiny hair post holi.


Nail Care During Holi: 


Apply nail paint to prevent colorful nails. Pampering and indulging in the goodness of herbal nail care cream will also help maintain healthy hair post holi.


Oral Care During Holi: 


As we enjoy the colors, chances are we might incidentally have colors in our mouths. Rinse it off with clean water immediately. Applying lip balm protects the lips and keeps them soft.


Use Natural Colors:


Nature provides us with a plethora of fresh colors through flowers, fruits, and veggies that can be used this Holi. You can easily prepare colored water or Holi colors with shades of pink and red from rose petals, hibiscus flowers, strawberries, tomatoes and beetroot; orange hues from oranges and carrots, yellow from turmeric; green from spinach; purple from purple cabbage or blueberries.


By following these easy tips to protect your skin & hair with moha: pledge to play an herbal and natural Holi this year! moha: wishes you a very happy and safe Holi!