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Bring Magic to Your Hands and Feet This Wedding Season

The wedding season is here and so is the pressure to look the best. Everyone is busy grooming their skin with different regimens, forgetting to take care of their hands and feet.

As we all know, dry skin is a common problem during winter, due to low humidity levels in the atmosphere. During winter the air outside is cold and dry, and the water in the skin evaporates more quickly; resulting in dry skin. Skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in winter. The cold wind can also lead to dry and chapped skin which is known as "winter skin”. This winter skin can lead to chapped nails and cracked feet.

While you may be trying to look your best, the last thing that you would want is your cracked feet or dry hands to take away all your Mehndi magic.

Thus, it is important to follow a daily regime along with easy food hacks that keep your hands and feet, baby, soft, hydrated and healthy during the winter months.


Here Are Some Handpicks That You Can Try Adding to the Diet



Almonds are known for being rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Soak 5 almonds every night and eat them the next day after peeling off their skin. Almonds provide with vitamins and minerals necessary to nourish and keep the skin soft and fresh. It also helps to heal the cracked feet.



One of the best tubers to be had during winter is beet. You may choose to boil it or have it raw with salads to get the amazing pink glow.



Amla helps tighten and tone the skin and provides essential vitamins like Vit Cand B complex. Regular use of amla in winter helps to repair the skin and bring back that natural glow.



Plum helps to improve circulation and evens the skin tone. It heals repairs and hydrates dry and chapped skin of the feet.


Some of the Other Tips That You Need to Follow Are:


Keep skin hydrated: Drink the optimum amount of water to keep your body hydrated to reduce skin dryness during winter.


Superfoods: Along with these foods, you can also add some super veggies such as spinach, broccoli, leafy greens, sesame seeds and flax seeds to your diet


Use Herbal Moisturizer: Use oil-based herbal moha: Moisturizing Lotion during the winter and apply it liberally to keep your hands and feet moisturized.


Practice yoga asanas: Daily 30 minutes of yoga asanas will help improve blood circulation to the skin, to help maintain soft hands and feet. Regularly practice yoga asanas like Bhujangasan, sarvangasana, shashakasana and halasana. Mudras like Shunya mudra and Varuna mudra help to maintain the suppleness of the skin. Regular breathing exercises will help to relieve stress.


Use moha: Foot Care Cream


herbal foot care cream

moha: foot care cream offers a perfect solution to foot problems in winter by virtue of herbs like Aloe, Papaya, Peppermint, and Kapurkachri. It improves the elasticity of your skin, softens feet and naturally exfoliates in the gentlest way. It is a non-greasy moisturizing foot cream.


Use moha: Nail Care Cream


moha: nail care cream is a natural nail care product with the goodness of almond oil and flaxseed that helps to moisturize and strengthen the nails. shiny and glowing

nail care cream

So, follow this simple regimen during this wedding season in winter to have baby-soft hands and feet and bring out the magic of your Mehndi.

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