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Use code "vedistry25" to avail flat 25% off on all products ( Excluding offer products & Kits )

Benefits of roses in skin health

Whenever we have to show our affection or love to someone we generally give them roses, it's a symbol of purity. In Ayurveda, roses are used in various forms such as decoction, powders, rose gel, rose water, and rose jam which we call gulkand. Roses not only affect our heart but also our brain.

If you have observed that just by keeping roses in our surroundings we feel happy and our mood gets elevated. roses are called skin's best friend. Everyone should have at least one product made up of roses in their skincare routine.

Benefits of rose in skincare:

Hydration Factor

Roses can be used for every skin type whether it is dry or oily skin. Roses pacify Vata dosha by its sweet and unctuous properties and hydrates the skin and suits all skin types. Rose water or rose mist helps keeping the skin fresh and moisturized.  


Roses are one of the best antioxidants we can ever use. The role of antioxidants is to prevent or delay the process of cell damage and neutralization of free radicals. Roses delay signs of aging and make our skin wrinkle-free, fresh, and attractive like a young girl. Roses are rich in vitamin A and C and help in collagen production which ultimately makes our skin healthy and plump.

Reduces blemishes

Our complexion reflects our overall health. The usage of rose petals in our skincare routine improves the complexion by reducing the dark spots, fine lines, pigmentation. The paste of rose petals can be used in removing tanning which is caused by sun rays.


Rosewater helps in reducing excess sebum production and thus preventing it from clogging in our skin pores. It controls excess oil production, cleanses pores, and prevents acne. Roses have astringent properties which remove dirt and oil from the skin and maintain healthy skin pH.



Roses have healing properties which soothe the skin by its cooling nature and anti-inflammatory effect.

Cooling and energizing

Roses have cold potency. It provides a feeling of freshness by relaxing our mind and body.


Some DIY anyone can try at home

Rose face pack- Mix aloe vera gel, rice flour, rose petal powder, and add rose water in equal amounts. Use this pack twice a week. It helps in treating acne, reducing blemishes, and providing hydration to the skin.

Our hectic lifestyles adversely affect our overall health in general and skin health in particular. Rose water or mist should be an essential part of our skincare routine. moha; Rose Mist is a delightful mix of the season’s best roses combined with the goodness of aloe.

It evens skin texture, leaving it toned and refreshed. It soothes sunburn and fatigued skin. moha: almond and rose soap is the best rose soap to help cleanse the skin and retaining the moisture. This luxurious soap helps delay the signs of aging and also reduce tan and pigmentation. moha: almond and rose soap is the best rose soap for the entire family, gentle on skin and great for complexion.

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