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8 Self-care tips for common colds in summer

Summers are here and we know how much you wish to enjoy ice creams and cool drinks, the air coolers and the ACs to beat the heat.  Not to forget plans of vacations in the mountains. All these are needed as well, but can also cause common cold. Drinking extremely cold water, sitting in cool conditioned room after being in extreme heat can cause cold and cough. Body is unable to handle extreme temperature changes and leads to vitiation of body elements as mentioned in Ayurveda, viz, Vata, Pitta and kapha and lowers our immunity. It is best to take immunity boosting Ayurveda tablets in seasonal transition to optimize immunity. Let’s understand some Ayurveda tips to deal with cold. Summer cold can have symptoms like running nose, sneezing, throat irritation and sometimes fever too. Usually the symptoms are mild but proper care needs to be taken to reduce discomfort.

8 self-care tips to beat common cold

1. Stay away from anything cold Protect yourself from cold and dry air and food. Extremely cold beverage and air trigger sneezing and running nose. Use humidifiers to get rid of dryness. 2. Stay hydrated Drink enough fluids at normal temperature and stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and excess tea or coffee. Sipping on herbal teas soothes cold and cough. Ready to use herbal sips like Kofol Ayurvedic sip fortified with mulethi, black pepper and ginger help to ease cold. Adding a pinch of turmeric and honey in warm water can help liquefy mucus and reduce congestion. Having sugar free cough syrup which are Ayurvedic, like Kofol cough syrup can also reduce cough and congestion. 3. Hot soups Hot soups are the best to maintain the much needed warmness and improve appetite which naturally goes down in cold. Vegetable soups made with ginger, carrot, green gram, etc are easy to digest and hence recommended when you have cough, cold and fever as well. Soups infused with herbs and spices are natural immunity boosters in India. 4. Rest and relax: Stress is known to aggravate cold, hence take a break to rest and relax. Avoid exercise and work out and spend a day snuggled in bed for faster recovery. 5. Eat Right Foodstuff producing more phlegm should be avoided. Milk and milk products like butter, cheese, paneer, and curd should not be consumed. Fruits and fruit juices are better to be avoided. Junk food that is oily, spicy and salty like chips, fries etc should not be taken. 6. Apply oil to nostrils: Applying oil or ghee to nostrils lubricates the nasal passage, reduces dryness and is also proven to neutralize viruses to help fight common cold. 7. Avoid late nights: Being awake late at night leads to poor metabolism and causes dryness in the body. Suboptimal metabolism leads to toxin build up resulting in weaker immunity causing frequent cold like infections. 8. Home remedies to relieve cough and cold. Pinch of Cinnamon and nutmeg powder with honey if consumed at night can help relieve cold. If you are worried about honey being sweet, opt for an ayurvedic sugar free cough syrup like kofol for relief. A homemade decoction made with flax seeds, turmeric, Tulsi leaves can soothe sore throat and is a well-known immune booster in India.  From the house of Charak, we bring to you Kofol Immunity tablets, the complete immune booster for your family. It is a clinically tested best immune boosting supplement enriched with herbs like guduchi, haldi, manjishtha, triphala guggul, marich etc. We hope you follow these simple selfcare tips to deal with cold and stay healthy.

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