7 benefits of using a face scrub

Did you know that our skin has a thick barrier of dead cells on the outer surface, which are shed constantly? Our skin is renewing itself regularly. The duration taken for the same differs from person to person with regards to age, climate and skin type. As we grow older this process slows down.

Sometimes these dead skin cells remain on the skin for a longer duration clogging the pores, making the skin look dull, dry, uneven and stealing the natural glow. In such cases using a scrub 1 to 2 times in a week is very useful as it clears off the old skin cells and improves complexion.


Benefits of using scrubs:

  1. Remove dead cells: Scrubs are essential for all the skin types to remove the dead cells from the skin. Simple home scrubs like red lentil powder with honey helps to remove dead skin revealing a healthy new skin.


  1. Enhances complexion: a layer of dead skin cover over the skin makes the skin look patchy and uneven. Exfoliating regularly makes the skin smooth and even thereby enhancing the complexion and improving skin texture.


  1. Maintain skin radiance: dead skin cells make the skin dull and scrubs help invigorate the skin. Crushed almond powder mixed with milk make for a simple home scrub for restoring the skin radiance.


  1. Unclog the pores: a layer of dead skin cells can clog pores leading to acne and pimples. The can leave behind blemishes and scars. Natural scrubs help clean the pores and maintain a healthy skin


  1. Reduce scars and blemishes: Post acne scars and blemishes can be reduced substantially by using natural face scrubs which contain nutmeg powder or oil. Nutmeg is an amazing herb which reduces acne and the scars and blemishes by reducing inflammation.


  1. Fights signs of aging: Buffing away dead skin cells helps improve cell renewal and keeps the skin healthy and youthful. Orange peel is a great natural scrub which exfoliates gently and boosts collagen too.


  1. Helps improve skin absorption: Skin is the largest organ which protects us from pollution, bacteria, toxins and more. To keep the skin soft and supple we need to apply products. A layer of dead skin cells over the skin hamper the absorption of products applied thereby reducing the effect of the substances. Exfoliating helps to clear dirt, grime and dead cells and improve circulation to the skin for better absorption.


Best scrubs are the one which is natural, easily available and gentle to the skin and have a beneficial effects.moha: herbal scrub infused with orange peel, nutmeg oil, walnut and olive oil makes for an all natural exfoliator for all skin types.

People with dry and dull skin can use it 1-2 times a week, whereas people with sensitive skin can opt for using moha: herbal scrub twice weekly s. Oily and thick skin can benefit from using a scrub every alternate day.

It gives a combined benefit of mechanical scrub along with moisturizing benefits and fighting acne with nutmeg oil. Not only body but moha: scrub soap is also great to exfoliate the skin from the entire body. moha: scrub soap with almond oil, honey and walnut shells scrubs out the dead skin and can be used twice weekly for a clean and radiant skin.