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5 ways to boost your immune system in summer

The ‘concept of Immunity’ has been elaborated in ancient Ayurvedic texts thousands of years ago,  remain relevant even in today’s time. Vyadhishamatva, Bala and Ojus are terms used to refer to immunity in Ayurveda. Good Vyadhishamatva or immunity  means prevention from disease as well as quick recovery in case one falls ill. Bala is overall strength of the body which majorly depends on muscles, blood and bones. Ojus is the essence of all tissues in the body. While it is diet that contributes to tissue formation in body, Ojus is also a result of actions, qualities and habits of a person. Good immune system makes us physically fit and mentally happy. While some factors contributing to immunity are hereditary, there are some factors which can be worked upon to strengthen Bala, Ojus or Vyadhishamatva.

Let’s look at 5 ways to boost your immunity

1. Diet

We are what we eat and so diet is mentioned as one of the key factors towards building immunity. While a good balanced diet with vitamins, minerals, nutrients is extremely important, it would be rendered almost useless if the digestive fire is less than optimum. An Ayurvedic digestive syrup like Charak’s Dipya digestive syrup not only relieves of any digestive distress but also aids absorption of micronutrients from the food by improving the digestive fire.

2. Sleep

The second and very important key factor for strengthening immunity is sleep since its disturbances can cause serious health issues even leading to death. Against the conventional method of measuring sleep in hours i.e. quantity, it is also important to measure the quality of sleep. Immunity is enhanced by sound sleep which makes you feel refreshed, light, energetic and enthusiastic in the morning.

3. Control over senses

Charak mentions brahmacharya as one of the pillars for maintaining health and immunity. While it literally translates into celibacy, the deeper meaning of it explained by control over senses or desires. Exploitation of any sense (overeating / undereating, eating only one type of taste / food, listening to music at very high volume, binge watching some series for hours, etc.) or wrong indulgence of any activity (working for long hours without rest, screentime at night) is of breach of brahmacharya.

4. Exercise

Ardhashakti vyayam (Exercise involving half the strength) mentioned in Ayurveda, indicates condition at which body gets exerted by physical activity to a point where oral breathing starts. Other indicators of ardhashakti vyayam are dryness of mouth, sweating of arm pits, forehead, nose, hands and legs. This would include activities like yogasana (surya namaskar in repetition), walking, jogging, swimming and aerobics / zumba. Remember that it’s not heavy exercising once in a while but doing light daily exercise that contributes towards immunity.

5. Tonics

Rasayan Aushadhi in Ayurveda are herbs or combination of herbs that have rejuvenative and immune-modulating properties. These include awla, turmeric milk and more which work on non specific or generic immunity. Kofol immunity tablets from Charak pharma, enriched with guduchi, pippali, haldi, manjishta, marich and others are clinically tested immunity boosting tablets and are known to strengthen respiratory health to combat respiratory disorders. It also promotes overall immunity to fight against seasonal infections. Ayurvedic immunity booster tablets - Kofol, promotes faster recovery from infections and is suitable for children as well as elders. In addition to this the composition has anti-stress (adaptogen) properties, restores nervine health, promotes vigor, vitality and positive health.

So immunity is not a quick fix that will happen with taking decoctions or medicines for a few days, it is treating your body right regularly with diet, exercise, sleep, conduct and good Ayurvedic immunity booster.

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