Amla Plus Tablets

Amla Plus Tablets: Naturally boost the health of your immune system. This Ayurvedic supplement strengthens antioxidant activity, supports immune function, and improves general well-being. It contains amla and synergistic herbs. Make Amla+ a priority for your immunity.
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Amla+ Tablets


Introducing Amla+ Tablets, your all-natural immune-supporting ally. This Ayurvedic supplement is painstakingly made and contains Amla, popularly known as Indian gooseberry, which is well-known for strengthening the immune system and having antioxidant qualities. Amla+ Tablets are designed to strengthen your body's defenses and enhance general well-being when combined with complementary herbs.


Key Benefits:


·      Supports immune health

·       Boosts antioxidant activity

·       Enhances overall well-being

·       Harnesses the power of Amla and synergistic herbs

Give your immune system top priority by using Amla+ Tablets. This Ayurvedic blend can help you enhance your well-being whether you're looking for natural immune care or proactive immune support.


Directions for Use:


For best results, take two Amla+ Tablets with water each day. Incorporate Ayurvedic support for immune health into your daily wellness routine to reap its benefits.




·       Shallaki

·       Pippali

Our tablets feature an exclusive combination of Amla and balancing herbs that have been hand-picked for their capacity to enhance immune health. Superior components tailored to your immune system's specific requirements.


Additional Product Information:


What is Amla+ tablets?


Amla has been valued for centuries in Ayurveda, where it is frequently referred to as the "Embodiment of Good Health". The potency of this fruit is captured in our Amla+ Tablets, where it is further enhanced by the combination of other natural ingredients. This supplement addresses the specific requirements of your immune system, making it a thoughtful addition to your daily regimen.