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Vedistry, part of Charak Group - pioneers in Ayurveda for 75 years is dedicated to improving the lives of consumers by offering high-quality products for their health & wellness.

We aim to combine the best of Ayurveda and Modern Science for the benefit of mankind with assured quality-driven products.

Vedistry is the result of Charak’s foray into the personal & healthcare market. With a legacy that spans over 75 years, Charak has established itself as one of the foremost Ayurvedic Pharma companies, with top-quality products and services. On the back of this expertise, Vedistry has expanded our reach on OTT platform with a range of high-quality consumer brands.Vedistry offers flagship brands like moha:, KOFOL, GO365 & DIPYA with a vision to give highly efficient yet chemical-free products for consumers’ well-being.