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Care of Coughs, Colds, Sore Throats, and Fevers

Change in weather brings with it a wave of various problems like sore throat due to viral or bacterial infections, cough and fever. This was considered a norm until coughing has been associated with the Covid-19. While it is advisable to seek medical advice incase of such symptoms, certain measures alongside treatment ensure better and faster recovery.

Sore Throat

It is characterized by constant pain or scratchy sensation in throat which worsens when swallowing or talking. On examination there could be tenderness at neck or jaw along with redness of throat internally. This also causes voice to be hoarse or muffled. This is usually the first symptom of any infection that effects the respiratory system.

Care of Sore Throat

We need to understand that soreness is sign of inflammation and while it’s a normal practice to consume hot liquids like soup or dal when irritation in throat, it is not advised when the throat is inflamed. Instead, have food and liquids at normal temperature unless suggested otherwise by the doctor.

Drink honey mixed water at normal temperature instead of just water, this will soothe the throat and reduce feeling of pain or itchiness in throat.

Voice rest is highly recommended. However, when talking is unavoidable, sucking on lozenges helps soothe irritated throat tissue to ease the talking. Kofol chewable tablets relieve inflammation and gives quick relief from sore throat and pain. Having this just before meal can also reduce difficulty in swallowing and reduce discomfort.

Herbal Kofol gargle gives fast relief from any throat discomfort, while providing cooling and soothing effect with no bitter aftertaste and is a soothing gargle for throat pain. Along with anti-bacterial / anti-septic agents like tulsi, yastimadhu, shunti and alum it works as a first line of defense against any throat infections.


Cough generally follows an episode of sore throat. Cough can be productive (with mucus or phlegm) which is associated with viral/bacterial infection or non-productive (without mucus).

Care During Cough:-



  • Drinking herbal tea is very effective for dry cough while warm water provides relief for productive cough.
  • Herbs like ginger, clove relieve irritation caused by intense coughing breaking the viscous cycle thus reducing the coughing episode.

    • Ayurvedic cough syrup gives relief from dry as well as wet cough. Ayurvedic cough syrups like kofol are enriched with herbs like shunthi, tulsi, yashtimadhu, vasa and bibhitaki which have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, cough relieving properties. Along with immuno-modulator properties which restores respiratory health.


    Fever is temporary rise in body temperature indicating presence of some unwanted infection. It is in no doubt uncomfortable, but generally a cause of concern above 100F (37.7C)

    Always consult your doctor in case of fever lasting for more than 3 days. Since fever is due to some infection, it is always advisable to strengthen your immune system by taking immune-boosting tablets.

    Ayurveda has much to offer in terms of immunity and Kofol immunity tablet is not only tablet for immunity booster but can be taken during cough or fever since this promotes faster recovery from infections by strengthening body’s defense system.

    Always have a balanced diet and lifestyle, keep your thoughts positive. A healthy mind and a healthy body is what keeps our immunity optimum.

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