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5 powerful tips to improve digestion

The road to health is paved with good intestines!’ has been already said. It is more important to understand the imbalances in body’s basic system rather matching the pill to the ill. In Ayurveda, All diseases begin in the gut, thus a healthy gut is the key to overall health of the body. Your body fitness reflects on how you digest the substances you take from nature. Ayurveda mainly focuses on the digestive fire/ Agni to strengthen digestion process.

We consume food daily, but is it necessary to ensure that it gets absorbed efficiently. When the digestive fire/ Agni is not sufficient enough to digest the food material, it gives rise to ama/ undigested food. Ayurveda regards ama, or undigested food, as the cause of vitiation of dosha and consequently various disorders like gases, bloating, uneasiness, heart burn, acid reflux, nausea, vomiting, etc.

How can you improve your digestion?

Here are some powerful tips to improve digestion:-

  • Know what to eat or avoid

Food eaten should be light in nature – avoid high fiber foods, oily, fried , maida products, meat, chicken, etc. food should always be cooked either boiled or steamed for easy digestion. Avoid fermented food like idli, dosa, alcohol, basically the food items sour in nature.

  • Basic Diet law

One should follow these basic laws to facilitate easy digestion

Time for intake of food – longer gaps between meals should be avoided. Food should always be eaten hot and fresh with concentrated and calm mind in a good environment. In stale food, there is growth of multiple bacteria, having such stale foods, increases the chances of food poisoning and upsets the stomach. Do not overeat if previous food is not digested, this makes your agni/ digestive fire weak, which further leads to more indigestion and acid reflux disorders. In such conditions, you should either skip your meal or have light food and have warm water.

  • Quantum of food

Ayurveda suggests to divide the total capacity of stomach into 3 parts, one for solid food particles, second for liquid particles and third portion should be left empty for movement of various enzymes acting for digestion. One who keeps this basic thumb-rule during dietary intake, does not get affected by any adverse effect arising out of improper quantity of diet

  • Herbal drinks

(a) Add 1 tsp shunthi (dry ginger) powder + 1 tsp jeerak (cumin seeds) + 1 litre water and boil it.

Sip this warm drink throughout the day. It is the best digestive ayurvedic remedy to correct indigestion.

Jeerak (Cuminum cyminum) – stimulates digestive enzymes, relieves flatulence and shunthi – (Zingiber officinale) act as powerful appetizer, prokinetic and stimulant of digestive enzymes thus soothes digestion.

(b)Add ½ ginger stem to your daily tea will also ease the digestion

  • Control your stress levels

Your gut and emotions are a two way street, they both impact each other, it’s not always what you eat. Stress increases the fight or flight response, which either slows down digestion or stops it. It increases the acid levels causing heart burn, nausea or may give you diarrhea or constipation. Meditating for 15 – 20 mins daily in morning and at night before bedtime balances the body and improves digestion

DIPYA Ayurvedic digestive syrup has herbs like shatavari, jeera and draksha which improve digestion and relieve acidity through its effect on secretion of digestive enzymes. Ginger in Dipya is the best digestive medicine for symptoms like bloating, heaviness and helps relieves flatulence. Dipya with 19 powerful digestive herbs serves as a good ayurvedic digestive syrup for wholesome care of the digestive system.

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