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Nerve Pain vs. Muscle Pain — Is there a Difference?

Pain is not a new sensation to any of us. While its unpleasant and unwanted, pain has been a part of our life since childhood. I am sure you already know that there are different kinds of pain like throbbing pain, burning pain, sharp pain, radiating pain, etc. The kind of pain depends on its origin and can be due to muscle or nerve injury.

So the short answer to the question “whether nerve pain and muscle pain are different?” is – YES. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

  • Difference between muscle and joint pain

Muscle pain

It is throbbing pain associated with stiffness. It could be constant or only manifests while doing action which involves the affected muscle. This kind of pain usually lasts short term along with tenderness or extreme sensitivity to the affected site. Often swelling and redness is also marked.

Nerve pain

Radiating or burning nature of pain associated with tingling or numbness along the path of nerve. The pain is sometimes so sharp that it can be felt on the skin above. Neuralgia or nerve pain causes weakness of muscle or muscles (unlike stiffness in muscle pain) involved along the pathway of effected nerve. Since the pain usually follows a pathway, it is difficult to pinpoint the pain. There is involuntary twitching or cramping of muscle from where the nerve passes. In the initial or acute stages, it is mostly symptomatic and cannot be seen by others since there might not be swelling or redness.

  • Site of pain

Muscle pain

The common sites are entire back, lower part of chest or joints.

Nerve pain

This is observed in extremities of hands and legs, in some cases on face as well.

  • Causes

Muscle pain causes:

  1. Injury to the muscle
  2. Muscular pain involved in inflammation due to arthritis.
  3. Overuse of specific muscle can lead to muscular pain eg athletes and tailors
  4. Lifting up something heavy from ground or carrying heavy weights like grocery etc gives sudden jerk or strain to a muscle.
  5. Engaging into exercises without proper warm up or stretching is a common cause for muscle pain.
  6. Poor posture while sitting or walking not only causes weak core but also causes muscular back pain.
  7. Wrong or uncomfortable footwear can cause ankle pain along with muscular pain in calves.

Nerve pain Causes

  1. Patients suffering from Diabetes as well as those taking Chemotherapy are known to have neuralgia or nerve pain.
  2. After-episode of Herpes-Zoster which is known as post-herpetic neuralgia.
  3. Spondylosis (degenerative changes in spine causing reduced or increased disc space) and spondylolisthesis (slip-disc)
  4. When lower back region bones or vertebrae are involved, they cause sciatica nerve pain which starts from lower back and continues all the way to knee and then ankle from back of the legs.
  5. Cervical spondylosis causes nerve pain which extends to arms causing weakness and tingling numbness.
  • Tips to manage

Muscle pain

Rest to the affected part is step one in order to cure the muscular pain. Besides that, oral and local anti-inflammatory medicines reduce discomfort and distress during recovery. GO365 Nutra tablet is combination of best ayurvedic pain-alleviating herbs like Boswellia serrata, Cucuma longa and Chondrotin sulphate. It is an ayurvedic joint pain tablet containing Tagar and Shyonak which have multifaceted actions to axe the muscular as well as joint pain. Similarly, GO365 ointment is powerful ayurvedic muscle pain cream with herbal ingredients like capsicum oil, wintergreen oil, eucalyptus oil, deodar, nirgundi, camphor and mint which helps reduce stiffness by stimulating circulation and relaxing the muscles.

Nerve pain

In case of diabetic neuralgia, control on sugar levels helps in reducing the nerve pain. In spondylosis physical therapy and exercises with assistance work well. Certain Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies like basti, kati basti, Manya basti or spinal basti and nasya prove very useful to get long term relief. GO365 Nutra Tablet contains ingredients like glucosamine HCL and Chondrotin sulphate which reduces cartilage degeneration, heals cartilage damage and improves cartilage health. Thus proving helpful in degenerative conditions like spondylosis. Additionally, it contains vitamin D3 and calcium carbonate thus making it a wholesome ayurvedic joint pain tablet.

GO365 ointment gives effective pain relief in spondylosis and is a good ayurvedic muscle pain cream.

Remember, it’s not “time” that will heal a physical pain, it will only teach you to live with it. However, Ayurvedic remedies support patient’s ability to work and improve the quality of life by reducing discomfort and distress caused by acute or chronic pain while healing the patient from within.

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