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7 best ways to deal with joint pain

Does your joint pain causing you difficulty to walk, bend, sleep and move round? Is this stinging pain greatly affecting your everyday activities? Joint pain is the one of the most common complaints experienced during some point in our lifetime. Our Joints are complex interconnected structure of bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves lifting our upper trunk to give us mobility, flexibility, agility and support, which is why we must take care of your joints.

People suffering from chronic joint pain try all sorts of massages and therapies, exercises, pain-killers and other medications but always compromise on food. Therefore, along with exercise, plan your diet properly and abide by it to experience the power of food. Besides keeping a check on your weight, eating a proper diet will promote cartilage growth, improve joint mobility and reduce joint pain and inflammation. So here are some diet tips for joint pain.

1. Eat plenty of fibres

The major reason for joint pain is weight gain. Excess body weight puts tremendous pressure on previously compromised joints. Eating a diet rich in foods that contain fibres such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables improves your digestion and maintains optimum body weight.

2. Eat veggies and fruits

Eat plenty of fresh and green leafy vegetables like cruciferous vegetables which include cabbage, sprouts and fruits that are rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They protect bones and cartilage from damage and supplement it with essential nutrients for cartilage growth and reduce joint inflammation.

3. Use Omega-3 fatty acids

Olive, grapeseed, flax and canola oils, walnut and walnut oil, pumpkin seeds and fatty cold-water fish including mackerel, salmon, sardines, herring are rich

source of omega 3 fatty acids that suppress inflammation of different parts of joint.

4. Avoid sugar and sweets

Avoid beverages rich in added sugars which include regular soft drinks, milk shakes and fruit shakes. They are rich in calorie and add to your body weight. Instead, use alternative options like honey. High-sugar diets can also raise levels of chemical messengers known as cytokines, which induce inflammation.

5. Avoid Sodas and fizzy drinks

Carbonated beverages are an absolute “NO”. They affect bone health by dissolving the bone calcium leading to brittle bones. Also, drink plenty of water daily and quit alcohol intake.

6. Reduce Meat and Eggs

Meat and eggs contain saturated fat which when consumed in excess leads to increased body weight. Meat and eggs also contain omega-6 fatty acids. It aggravates arthritic pain and inflammation. Alternatives include beans, lentils, low-fat or fat-free milk and cottage cheese.

7. Avoid trans and saturated fats

Both saturated fats and trans fats can increase the amount of cholesterol in your blood and cause inflammation. Saturated fats are found in processed and fatty meat, hard cheeses, whole milk, cream and butter. Trans fats are found in fry-ups, takeaways and sweet snacks such as biscuits and cakes. Avoid fast foods like burgers, pizzas, nachos, French fries, cakes, pastries, etc.

Why take GO365 Nutra Tablet?

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