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What should go first? Sunscreen or a moisturizer!

Many people are not aware about the order of layering the products on the skin to keep it fresh and youthful. Now the question is what should go first, sunscreen or a moisturizer? Well the dermatologists say, Sunscreen should be your last step of skin care routine! But if sunscreen is the last step, what is the first step?

Most of you would be aware of the C-T-M routine. Yes, you heard me right! It’s the same Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. So the first step of your skincare routine should be cleansing the skin with gentle herbal cleansers to clean up the excess dirt, oil, pollutants and other impurities. Followed by toning to help revitalize the skin and ensure the skin hydration. Moisturizing the skin is an important step to be followed to keep your skin look healthy and happy. Moisturizers are like the booster dose of hydration and moisture to keep skin cells intact, healthy and fresh. After this, sunscreens are to be applied on the skin to protect the skin from the most damage causing agents like UV rays.

Sunscreens are the sun blocks or the uv protecting topical agents that either reflect the sunrays or absorb them to protect from sun damage.

Now let’s discuss why sunscreen should be the last step?

If the sunscreen is applied under the moisturizer, it may interfere with the effectiveness of your SPF or sun protective factor. However, if the moisturizer is applied over sunscreen it can interfere with how the sunscreen interacts with the sun rays.

Ideally, the chemical sunscreens need to be absorbed in the skin in order to provide the sun protection. However physical sunscreen should be applied after moisturizer so as to protect the skin from sun damage.

Nowadays, skin moisturizers or lotions are available in the market with SPF 15 or more. These lotions possess dual properties of providing moisture, hydration to the skin and also protecting the skin from sun damage.

What if moisturizer and sunscreens are mixed together before application?

No one would want to add another step into the AM routine and thereby people usually end up mixing the products. But a big NO to it!! It is not recommended to mix two products before application. Well, the sunscreens are meant to protect the skin and act as a barrier or sun protector. Mixing it together with moisturizer would dilute the ability of sunscreen to protect the skin from sun rays/ damage.

If you are still confused about application of moisturizer or sunscreen, then using a moisturizer with SPF and broad spectrum protection can help to solve the issue. You can find both the benefits together at same time.

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