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How to have blemish free skin

Get the heads turned with your flawless glowing skin. We bring you simple and easy tips to have blemish free skin in all seasons. Just follow these simple rules and get noticed wherever to go.

Skin is the largest organ in your body and hence utmost care has to be taken to protect it from pollutes, dirt, seasonal changes etc.

5 Tips to have blemish free skin

1. Select the right skin care product

Each of us has different skin type and hence select your skin care product as per your need. Don’t go with what suits your friend but find your own match by understanding your skin type. It might be normal, oily, dry or combination type. Your skin care routine will also vary accordingly.

2. Nourish your skin

Adequate nourishment is important to have blemish free clear skin. Use natural moisturizers and herbal oils for face massages. Someone with dry skin should do it regularly whereas those having moderate or oily skin type should do it less frequently. Face massages are perfect to have younger looking skin.

3. Eat healthy

As every other organ in our body, skin too takes nourishment from what we eat. Spicy, oily food stuff certainly has a bad impact on skin leading to complications like rash, acne, wrinkles etc. Eat fresh, healthy food and keep yourself hydrated with liquids.

4. Protect from sun

Always apply sunscreen in all seasons irrespective of the fact if you are working indoor or outdoor. The frequency should be more if your sun exposure time is more. Sun burn can make your skin look dull and also lead to photo ageing. Regular use of sunscreen is necessary to have blemish free clear skin.

5. Use natural herbal products for your skin

Prolonged use of chemical based skin care products has its own side effects and may take away the charm from your skin. A switch to natural herbal products is always recommended. Herbs like aloe, almond, tea tree, neem etc are rich in Vitamins and also have antifungal, anti-inflammatory and skin brightening properties to take care of blemishes.

moha: offers multiple range of skin care products like face wash, scrub, soaps, mist etc to offer you blemish free clear skin . Enriched with herbal ingredients these products are the best to take care of your skin care needs.

Make sure you follow these simple tips to have blemish free skin from moha.

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